Our History and Progress

FOR story started in 2015, when few forwarders chatting friendly and they thought, there are too much networks but most of them are so crowded & commercialized and do not let people to know each other closely, only allowing 20 minutes 1:1 meetings.

Then one asked why professional logisticians do not establish such a network, representing them worldwide and including only trustworthy ones? Good ones find each other and support.

Then its decided to start up with a few members.

We still keep this amateur soul and this boutique community made by small- medium sized professionals.

We did our 1st conference in July 2017, 2nd in May 2018 in Istanbul and 3rd in April 2019 in Antalya. We had a great success and satisfaction rate in all these 3 conferences.

However, due to pandamic we couldn’t arrange any event in real but had 2 virtual conferences. The 4th in 2020 & 5th 2021.

Now according to our members’ extreme request, we are proud to announce that our 6th conference which will be held in Antalya in May 2022.

Our motto :

Every Day, one more step, go ahead , all together!

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